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Web Design Process
One of the benefits of having such a diverse team at blue stag studio is that we get the chance to look at your web design project from every angle. Our team of designers, developers and marketers means that we can look after you right from coming up with a concept for your logo to rolling out a new marketing campaign to go with your new website.

  1. We Plan
    Success is primarily a result of good thinking and before any paint touches the canvas, we make sure that we plan all of our web design projects thoroughly. It is an extensive process, but it is a necessary one to ensure that all of the websites we design and develop are tailored to you and your clients needs.

We do this through brainstorming, sketching ideas, producing site maps & wireframes. These planning techniques are a great way to allow you to see an end-point in your mind’s eye, and make it easier to create a website that delivers results.

We like to include you in the planning process as much as possible so we are clear on your goals and what you want the website to achieve for your business. We’ve found this to be the most favourable approach so far and the more information that you give us about your aspirations, the more exciting the results.

Step 1

  1. We Design
    Now the planning & brainstorming has been completed, it is time for our designers to do what they do best.

Most web design companies have different ways of working, but the approach that we feel works best is to start from the ground up. We will first draw up some design ideas and work with you to find the right concept. Then, using the latest software available, we put together a number of web design ideas.

Once our web designers have produced their design concepts, we bring you in to look at what has been created. This gives us the chance to ensure that your website will achieve what it was planned to from the outset. Once you are happy with the design, the clever stuff begins.

Step 1

  1. We Develop
    So what once was a design will be turned into a reality. Our web developers will take your chosen design concept and convert it into XHTML, CSS and PHP code, it may sound complicated but our developers love it!

We build and construct websites using valid and efficient code which means that any website we construct will work in harmony with all website browsers and search engines like it too. All of this combined helps your new website fulfil its potential.

Step 1

  1. We Deliver
    Once your website has been properly coded and developed, we look to put it to the test to make sure that it sets out to achieve exactly what you and your clients need it to. It is only once you are happy with what you see do we look to launch the website.

It is not yet time to say farewell… Once your website has been launched we look to continually work with you and to try to get your website the maximum amount of online publicity as we can. We do this using our Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click Optimisation services that get you the maximum amount of hits and exposure with search engines, such as Google and Yahoo.


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It’s the diversity of our team members that will make your project a success and that’s just one of the reasons why you should choose us for your next creative marketing project.